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There are ways you can update the lighting in your home without pinching the pennies in your pocket. Here is a handful of tips to consider if you’re trying to give a new field to a room in your home:

  • Welcome daylight. Natural lighting is often underrated. Pull back the curtains and enjoy the sun every day. Curtain pole backs and balances are great options so that you can let the light in. 
  • Switch your lightbulbs. Stay away from fluorescent and bright white lighting. These lights can be too harsh and browns and set an uncomfortable mood. Use warmer lighting for a softer more beautiful look that compliments any room.
  • Hang mirrors. Mirrors are a great trick to update a space. Mirrors reflect the lighting fixtures in your room and give the effect that you have more lighting than you do.
  • Replace all light fixtures. Another great way to update your lighting is to toss the old ones and find new fixtures with a modern look.
  • Plug in new lighting fixtures. They are an awesome and inexpensive way to add lighting to any room.

Lighting design can change the whole aesthetic feel and mood of your place. The small changes can improve your home beautifully and cost-effectively.

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