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Are Deck Inspections Necessary?

In our second article of the month, we're going to discuss a task that might not sound super thrilling, but it's essential for maintaining your outdoor living space: inspecting your home's deck. Your deck is more than just a place to sip iced tea or fire up the grill;...

Is An Older Home Energy Efficient?

In today's world, where technology and innovation constantly reshape our lives, it's easy to assume that newer is always better. This assumption often extends to our homes, where modern construction techniques and materials are hailed as the key to energy efficiency....

Are There Potential Tip-Over Risks in Your Home?

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to overlook potential hazards that might exist within our own homes. One such danger that often goes unnoticed is the risk of tip-overs. These incidents can lead to serious injuries, especially among young children and...

Taking Care of Yourself When It’s Hot Outside

As the sun blazes and temperatures rise, it's crucial to know how to take care of yourself when the heat becomes intense. The scorching heat of summer can pose various health risks, from dehydration to heatstroke. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea...

How Safe Is a Backyard Trampoline?

Backyard trampolines have become a popular addition to many homes, offering countless hours of entertainment and fun for both children and adults. However, along with the growing popularity, concerns about their safety have also risen. What are some of those concerns...

Carbon Monoxide – Are You Safe?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer that can be present in your home without you even realizing it. Breathing in high levels of carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Therefore, it is essential to take preventive measures to protect yourself...

Is Abrasive Blasting a Good Way to Remove Mold?

As you are all probably well aware by now, mold growth can be a serious issue. When faced with a mold infestation, a homeowner will want an effective method to remove it completely. Abrasive blasting is one popular technique. But is it a good way to remove mold? Let's...

Maintaining Your Home’s Kitchen Exhaust System

When it comes to maintaining a home's kitchen, one of the most overlooked areas is the kitchen exhaust system. A kitchen exhaust system is responsible for removing smoke, steam, and other pollutants from the air, keeping the kitchen clean and safe. In this article, we...

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What Every Home Buyer In Louisiana Should Know

Are you buying a home in Louisiana? Then there is some important information you should know - from the perspective of a home inspector. 

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