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Moving house provides an excellent opportunity to start as you mean to go on. Are you someone who has been in your current house for many years and accumulated too many belongings? If so, sorting through them well in advance of moving day is the key to a stress-free move and helps prevent you from taking things you do not need with you to the new house. But what if the thought of going through so many things is a little overwhelming? Here are a few helpful tips:

Do not look at it as one huge task but, rather, take a little time every day to go through a pile of your belongings. Naturally, the best option is to recycle items you no longer want, so you could try forming three different piles. One pile can be for items you wish to take to the new house, one pile for items to donate, and another for a yard sale.

Tackle the worst jobs first. The garage is one area that tends to house many unwanted items. But we often tend to put off the unpleasant task of clearing it out. However, it is much better to tackle this job well ahead of the move as it will enable you to dispose of items that should not be placed in the garbage. Items like old paint cans, chemicals, used batteries, electronic equipment, etc. need to be disposed of correctly. Otherwise, they will cause harm to the environment. If you wait for the day of the move to do this, they will likely just go in the garbage can.

Yes, decluttering our homes is a great way to reduce the stress of moving and help you feel much more in control of the process. It is also an excellent thing to do even if you are not moving.

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