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Dust mites are tiny creatures living among us in our homes. For most people, they do not cause any harm, but for others, they can cause allergies and misery. While it is pretty impossible to rid your home completely of dust mites, you may be able to reduce their number. How can you do it?

Many people who suffer from allergies find an air purifier helpful. Can an air purifier also help reduce dust mites? They will certainly help to lower the number of dust mites found in the air, but because these minuscule creatures are not generally airborne, it will not reduce them significantly.

One place dust mites really thrive is in bedding. Yes, this is a horrifying thought, but the good news is they do not survive very high temperatures. So, washing your bedding at a high temperature, 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, can help to eliminate them. Alternatively, you can also place your bedding in the dryer at a high temperature for 10 minutes or so.

To keep dust mite numbers under control you also need to dust and vacuum regularly, especially if you have pets. Use a damp cloth on surfaces to avoid dust redistribution and try to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

High indoor humidity levels encourage the growth of many unwanted pests, with dust mites being no exception. If you want to reduce dust mites, try to have a good flow of air through the home and reduce the humidity.

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