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Why is solar energy still worth considering? Being able to capture abundant and free sunlight and turn it into energy is awesome. You save on electric bills and waste if you were natural resources at the same time. 

Installing solar panels on your roof is about as thrilling as insulating the attic. Going solar can improve the value of your home. You will keep getting back a return on your investment possibly paying for itself and then some.

In the past several year’s solar power was just way too expensive but the cost of solar power has dropped about 60% in recent years. So just how much can you say with solar power? In general, the higher your electric bill is now the more you can stay by going solar. In some cases, solar power could totally eliminate your electric bill. In other cases, the solar panels can simply cut your utility bill by 1050%

You can actually enter your street address into Google maps and get instant information on how many hours of sunlight hits your roof every year. You may be surprised at the results.

As with any home improvement project you have to shop around and get several quotes from installers before committing.

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