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In the past, steel siding was really something that you only used in commercial settings, both due to its appearance and the price. While steel siding is still more costly than many other materials, the difference isn’t as drastic as you might think, especially when you consider the much higher durability. There have also been great strides made in the appearance of the material. Steel siding is now available in almost any color and texture you can imagine.

There is very little maintenance needed for steel siding, and it doesn’t dent easily. There are 2 different types of steel commonly used for siding, either galvanized or stainless. Which one should you go with?

If you have a pool near your house, you should go with galvanized steel, since the chlorine in the pool water will break down the coating on the siding over time and cause it to rust. In most other cases, stainless steel will hold up better against the elements. This is especially the case if you live near saltwater or if there is salt used on the roads where you live since this will break down galvanized steel faster.

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