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Building codes and regulations are set in place to ensure that a property is built to be functional and safe. Unless you are a home inspector or experienced builder, you cannot be expected to know all there is regarding these regulations. However, if you are about to buy a house, it is beneficial to learn a little on this topic as it can help you find the right property. Let’s consider one of these building standards – grading.

What is grading? When a home is constructed, it must have a certain amount of grade, or slope, surrounding its foundations. The reason for this is to stop water from collecting and pooling around the building. If water cannot drain adequately away from the foundations of the house, it will cause a number of issues related to water intrusion – this is something a potential buyer would need to be aware of.

So, how much grade should a property have? Most organizations agree that there should be approximately 6 inches of slope for the first 10 feet around the house, which would produce about a 5 percent grade. Of course, building regulations vary according to location, so you would need to check the guidelines specific to the property location. If there is a lot more grade than that mentioned, do not be concerned, it may even be a good thing.

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