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A power outage is never a welcome surprise. We can prepare and control the inconveniences of a blackout. Being prepared for an outage especially when that happens at night or in hot or freezing conditions can give you major peace of mind. It’s critical to have an action plan with a few essential items. 

Here is a list of things to do right after you lose your power:

  1. Check your breaker switches. What could appear to be a power outage might just be a breaker switch going off. 
  2. Unplug all appliances. The risk of a power surge often occurs when there’s a power outage. If there is any appliance that isn’t protected with the surge protector it’s best to unplug it.
  3. Reserve and ration phone use. During a blackout or power outage, your phone is very valuable. Try only to have one mobile phone on in the house at one time and prioritize it to only check for information and updates, not entertainment.
  4. Check your food stock. Consider what you have to eat first and whether you’d have to plan a trip to pick up more supplies.
  5. Keep both the refrigerator and freezer closed. Take inventory immediately of what you have in order to minimize opening and closing the freezer or fridge. Fridge coolness can last up to 4 hours and the freezer up to 48 hours if you keep these items closed as much as possible.
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