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What homeowner isn’t looking for ways to save energy, and money all while staying comfortable at home? 

Here are a few energy-saving tips to try and keep in mind at home:

  1. Find and seal leaks. Cold air can leak into the home through minor cracks and gaps in windows and doorways.
  2. Check the heating system’s efficiency. If you notice uneven heating or the system needs frequent repairs, schedule an inspection by a professional.
  3. Use energy-efficient holiday lights. The pretty holiday lights that decorate your home can burn electricity. Invest in LED lights to minimize energy usage.
  4. Consider a programmable thermostat. Reducing the heat by only a few degrees when you’re sleeping or out of the house will help save money.
  5. Cover drafty windows. If your home does not have energy-efficient windows, tightly seal them with clear plastic sheets covering the frames.
  6. Replace air filters. Dirty or clogged air filters force your heating system to work harder for proper airflow, using extra energy and raising costs.
  7. Reduce water heating costs. Reduce the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For even bigger savings, consider replacing your water heater with a heat pump water heater, which can be 2-3 times more energy-efficient than conventional gas or electric resistance water heaters. 

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