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Clean or Cluttered? The question might be answered differently depending on who is being asked. Despite that, living in a clutter-free home has its benefits.  When we go to sell our home it will have a significant impact on potential buyers if our home is not only clean but free of clutter.

One of the best benefits of living in an uncluttered home is so it can be clean and maintained. Areas like the garage, attics, and basements where we tend to store things, are often unable to be clean effectively. These areas are pests magnets too. Bugs, mice, and other pests can make a home if we have too much clutter and can’t clean well. The less clutter we have the better we can clean and eliminate this issue. 

Now, back to the idea of whether or not a cluttered home makes an impact when you are selling your home? Unfortunately, it will have a negative influence. A potential buyer won’t see the full potential of the home and you may not get the interest you could have received. Additionally, a home filled with clutter is not as appealing to the senses. Its will be the first thing buyer see and maybe even smell. So if you want a great open house and bring in lots of interesting prospects, clean and declutter your home first and foremost. Show them space and potential that your home has by letting the open floor plan shine through.

When you live clutter-free your home can guarantee that all who enter are impressed and not distressed.

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