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Getting your lawn ready for the summer sun with a little extra work to keep it looking lush. You will be rewarded with grass that makes your neighbors green with envy. 

Here are tips that will help ensure your lawn remains green and lush throughout the warmer months:

Train your lawn

Train your lawn to develop a deep root system.  A deep root system will help your lawn through the summer months without the need to switch on a sprinkler every day. The key is not to water it too frequently. To get the roots of your large searching for water at a deeper level you’ll need to give it a long soak two or three times a week rather than a short soak daily which creates shallow roots.

Lawns have to breathe

Lawns need oxygen as well as water so it’s important to keep your lawn aerated. The easiest and cheapest method is to push the garden fork into the ground over the entire lawn. An aerated lawn will do better at absorbing water.

Mow the lawn at the correct height

Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower during summer to keep it looking its best. The grass won’t dry out as quickly and the roots will be better protected by the longer blades of grass.

Know when to water your lawn

The best time to water the lawn is in the morning. This will allow the soil to absorb the water effectively. The usual cooler air and calmer went in the morning will give the soil an opportunity to soak up the water and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

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