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An annual is a plant that lives and dies in one growing season. A perennial grows and returns year after year. As busy as most homeowners are, planting anything but perennials only makes sense. 

When you go to nurseries check to make sure whether a plant is annual or perennial.  An annual plant goes through its entire life cycle, including growth, flower and seed production, and death, in the course of a single growing season. After an annual plant dies, it leaves dormant seeds behind to create future generations.

Perennials, on the other hand, can live for several growing seasons. The tops of these plants may die off during the winter, but their roots remain alive and well, waiting for the next year. 

Most shrubs and native plants are perennials. Many flowers and vegetables are annuals that put they’re all into producing flowers, fruit and see in a single season.

Some gardeners appreciate the advantages of annual flowers while others prefer to plant perennials.

The benefits of planning annuals include:

  • Profuse blooming
  • Several months of flowering
  • Lower cost
  • Produce their own seeds, start them indoors in the winter and you’ll have flowering plants for next spring

Perennial flowers on the other hand generally require less maintenance than annuals. If you’re pressed for time or want an easy-care garden they can be a solid choice.

Other reasons to plant perennial flowers include:

  • Blooming season after season
  • Tolerance for extreme weather
  • New plantings are created by dividing large perennials.

Visit a garden center today for a vast range of annuals and perennials.

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